Supreme Ruler Wiki

Helicopters[ | ]

These are aircraft that can land and take off vertically and include types such as the Apache and the Hind.

  1. extremely vulnerable to AA attacks
  2. Ability to loiter without using fuel and supplies.
  3. can land and resupply without the use of an airfield

Interceptors[ | ]

These are aircraft designed with the main aim of attacking enemy aircraft rather then attacking ground targets.

Tactical Bombers[ | ]

These are aircraft designed with attacking enemy ground units as their main role, rather then attacking enemy aircraft.

Multi-role[ | ]

These are aircraft that are designed to both attack ground targets and attack enemy aircraft.

Strategic Bombers[ | ]

These are aircraft that are designed to fly into the enemies hinterland and attack strategic targets such as factories and military production. They also are the bringers of nuclear fire when nuclear weapons are given to them.

Patrol/AWACs[ | ]

These are aircraft which are good at spotting enemy units. This class also contains anti-submarine aircraft which can be used to detect and attack sub's and enemy shipping.

Transport[ | ]

This contains both planes and helicopters that are dedicated solely to carrying supplies around the world to your battlefields, and also transporting your troops.

Target type[ | ]

Air units are one of 3 target types. Close air, Mid Air and High air. In general the lower the target type the more vulnerable they are. Some units must lower their altitude during an attack run making them of a different type during attacking.

Special Capabilities[ | ]

Some Air units possess special capabilities. Indicated by an Icon on their stat sheet.

  1. Short Deck capable - Can land on short deck or long deck carriers
  2. Long Deck capable - Can land on long deck carriers
  3. Air tanker - Can mid-air refuel other air units if they are capable.
  4. Mid-air Refuelable - Can be refueled in the air by a unit with air tanker capability.
  5. Indirect Attack - Chance to damage All units in a hex it is attacking. (Primarily Strategic bombers)
  6. Electronic counter measures - Units with this have higher stealth values even if they are not specifically stealth aircraft.
  7. Anti submarine Warfare - Is able to detect and/or engage Submarines