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The AllLoad.ini file is an initialization file that is loaded on game startup. It is generally used to #include other ini files that define game data files that are loaded for each game, but are not saved with a save-game file.

These initialization files are NOT sync-sensitive - meaning, they do not affect game stats or player data, instead they are used for visual, AI or user interface elements. As such, players in a multi-player game can be using different files without creating multi-player sync error issues. The files used on the "Host" player would be the ones that would affect any AI actions.

As of SRU 9.0.75, this file includes the following initialization files:

As of .268, a reference for UISettings.csv was added

// Include file for ALL LOADS - cached, non-cached, and Saved Games (these items not saved w/game files) 
#include	"Deptprior.CSV",	"INI\\" 
#include	"Orders.CSV",		"INI\\" 
#include	"AIParams.CSV",		"INI\\" 
#include	"Menumap.csv",		"INI\\" 
#include	"UISettings.csv",	"INI\\" 

// Reload for now.... 
#include	"DEFAULT.TERX", 	"MAPS\\DATA\\" 

As of SRU version 9.1.200, AITheatres.csv was removed from the AllLoad list and the TheatreTransf information is now included in each CVP file at the top (with the Theatre information)

The last entries under "Reload" are used to make sure certain data elements are loaded for game startup purposes, however those are sync-sensitive files and will be replaced by any save-game data that is loaded.