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SR2020 Warfare Guide - Artillery Use[]

Submitted by Balthagor on Fri, 01/04/2013 - 19:16

As was pointed out above in the discussion of defensive tactics, massed, long-range artillery is one of your most powerful land weapons. This is also true when speaking of offensive tactics. By massing mobile artillery behind the vanguard of you advancing forces you can project a killing zone of artillery fire ahead of your armored protective screen of tanks and infantry. Moving you units en masse using the "in formation" option with your "Move" order will maintain the configuration of your attack group.

Enemy cities, bases and their defending units can be effectively attacked by nearby stationary artillery formations. Even entrenched Garrison units can be successfully attacked once they are forced out of their holes by approaching infantry. Towed artillery units can be used for this task, freeing up your more mobile units.

Artillery is powerful but it is also a soft and therefore vulnerable target. It must be protected from both air and land attack.

When attacking, select artillery with a long combat time because re-supply may difficult to find.


MLRS has the longest range of any non-missile artillery in the game. Once past tech level 102, most MLRS units are superior to conventional howitzer artillery guns, except for their short combat times.

All artillery is indirect-fire but MLRS is the only non-ballistic artillery sub-class.


Mortars have the longest combat times of all artillery (24 hours) but the lowest attack strengths with an average of 25.

Massed Artillery[]

[submitted by sa_3_D911]

"In order to conquer a region I assemble an attack force that consists of a main attacking group of tanks and IFV. Behind them I station 100 Chinese WS-2 400mm Artillery units and one AWACS plane that has a detection range of greater than 200 km.

The main attack force in front of the artillery protects the WS-2s from land counter attacks. In addition, I station a couple of MIM-212 AA units near the artillery to protect them from air force attacks.

I use the AWACS plane to spot the cities that I want to clear out of garrisons. As I advance on each city I can see the number of garrisons that they have. I don't need to to pop them out - instead I use the WS-2 400mm units and the "Bombard" key, then ten seconds later the target city has no garrison.

We then move on to the next enemy city. This is a very effective method and costs almost no casualties."