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Functionality[edit | edit source]

AM - Settings.png
AM - Tools.png
Game Directory Set the Default File Location when importing new files
Striped Rows (on/off) default is off, when enabled every other row is recolored light green. Helps with readability
Always On Top (on/off) default is off, when enabled the Asset Manager will stay as the top level application
Select Every Other Row Selects every other row
Show Advanced Profiles ?
Single-Item Editor Brings up the Equipment Editor, the same can be achieved from right clicking a row along the empty cell on the very left of the row
Re-format .csv File Cleans up commas and newlines inside text fields and re-delimit output files
Resolve ID Conflicts Set duplicate entries in the first column to the lowest available number
Import .csv as Event/Region/Relation Import as .csv file with the expected format of Event, Region, or a Relation

Supported types (* = has a specialized editor)[edit | edit source]

* Engine-ready Equipment files (.UNIT)

* Engine-ready Tech files (.TTRX)

* Engine-ready Picnums files (.PICNUMS)

* Engine-ready Event/Region/Relation files (.EVENT, .REGION, .RELATION)

- Engine-ready Event/Region/Relation files are currently merged into one .csv file

- .csv files of this kind cannot be imported normally

- There is a function under Tools to import a .csv file as an engine file

- They can be split into individual .csv files with the &&Sections removed

- Or, they can be renamed to .EVENT, .REGION, or .RELATION

- Data from the other components will be ignored/removed

- The scenario file will need to be modified to reflect these changes

- Or, after editing, they can be re-merged

- Engine-ready Country files (.CVP files)

- Similar to Event files, CVP files contain .CVP data as well as .Theatre data

- However, they can be imported as either without modification

- Any #includes in files will be lost

- It is recommended to move these lines to the .scenario file

- Engine-ready People files (.PPL, .PPLX)

- Engine-ready News files (.NEWSITEMS)

- The Asset Manager can manage its own internal information, for self-maintenance

- This includes Data Profiles, server lists, and informational data about other profiles

Sorting and filtering:[edit | edit source]

- Columns may be shown or hidden using the ‘Fields’ checkboxes

- Rows of data may be shown or hidden using custom filters

- Add a filter by selecting a field from the “New Filter” dropdown box

- Or by right clicking on a column header

- Filters with empty text boxes are ignored

- The table can also be sorted along any field, by clicking on the column headers

- Columns can be frozen and unfrozen by right clicking the column headers

- Frozen columns (and preceding columns) are always shown on-screen

Editors:[edit | edit source]

- Many profiles support single-item editing; which makes it easier to understand the data

- Either under ‘Tools’ on the menu bar, or right clicking a row header

- Many can be opened at once, if you’re into that sort of thing

- Just about everything has a mouse-over tooltip

Imports:[edit | edit source]

- All previously noted engine-ready files

- Any profile can import from standard .csv files (As .csv or .txt)

- //commented lines are ignored, but inline comments are read as data

- ‘,’ to separate cells; no newline characters or commas inside cells

- All fields are read in the same order as defined in the profile

- Support for .csv with “quoted” out newlines and commas

- When checked, “Append to current” makes it possible to merge files together, so long as they are of the same profile

- There will likely be ID conflicts

Exports:[edit | edit source]

- All previously noted engine-ready files

- CVP/Theatre and Event/Region/Relation files are exported separately

- They can be manually merged, or #included separately

- Primarily softwood lumber, but known for maple syrup, ice wine, and fine whiskey

- Any profile can export as standardized csv (.csv or .txt files)

- This will include dev-only data that is otherwise dropped from engine-ready files

- It is recommended to work with data as csv files, and exported as engine files when done

- When checked, “Only selected rows” makes it possible to filter and isolate exports

Feedback and Bug Reports:[edit | edit source]

- All feedback is appreciated; whether it is praise, suggestions, or criticism

- In the BattleGoat discord, there is a #Modding room for discussions

- Feedback can also be emailed directly to the developer at

- Bug reports regarding the mystery feature will not be considered