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Sound and Sound Effects

Game Sounds Stored as standard WAV PCM files.

Format:  22050 Hz, 16 bit, 1 or 2 channel (mono or stereo, depending on sound)

Unit Sound effects (Shots, Death) are stored in \Sounds\Military

User Interface Sounds are stored in \Sounds\UI

Note on Sound Design:  Important that sounds don't 'clip' the max volume (ie, the amplitude of the sinewaves in editor will 'hit the ceiling' and get clipped off), otherwise crackling may occur.  Also, sounds should begin and end with a small amount of complete silence - ie, even 1/20th of a second, or less, will do.


Game Regional Music is stored in \Sounds\Music

Game Music (SRU, SRGW) is now in xwma format (Microsoft XAudio compressed). Older game versions use MP3 formats.