Supreme Ruler Wiki

Cheats for all editions (SR2010, SR2020 and SR-CW, SR1936, SRUltimate, SRGW).[]

Cheats are allowed only in single-player mode.

Cheats are activated during an active game session. For Supreme Ruler 2010 start by pressing the "Enter" key.

For all other games press the CTRL+SHIFT+S key combination. This will cause a game settings dialog box to appear. Type "cheat allowcheats" into the bottom text box followed by the "Enter" key.

The following cheat codes are supported (quotation marks not used):

  • "cheat allowcheats" Causes the SR cheat mode to be activated. In SR2020 a taunting red message will appear at the top of the dialog box if you have successfully turned on cheats. Cheat mode cannot be exited except by quitting the game session.

A particular cheat can be toggled on and off by repeatedly typing the same cheat code.

  • "cheat shelovesmenot" Causes the World Market or the U.N. to have 0% relations with you. In SR2020 your U.N. membership may be lost.
  • "cheat fullmapshow". Hides the GUI for full map screenshots. (not a properly usable feature in SR2020 due to how the map is drawn above the bottom GUI)
  • "cheat maxsat" Launches new Reconnaissance and Communications satellites without requiring that the player fabricate them.
  • "cheat endday" Removes many computer calculations normally performed by each of the many units in the game. This makes the game go much faster. Many automatic but CPU time-consuming game tasks required to support each unit in the game are turned off, which speeds up the game up massively. For example - every unit performs "spotting" where each unit analyzes all of it's surrounding hexes. Each unit then compares its own spotting strength to the stealth strength of all other units found surrounding it. Unit spotting, pathing, movement, firing, refueling and re-supplying, etc. - all of these computations are turned off. Moving units are stopped until the cheat is turned off. Unit fabrication stops.

The game clock clicks off one day every second. Research stops but Treasury, Production, trade and facility building continue.

  • "cheat georgew" Adds $10 billion to your treasury.
  • "cheat satellite" Sends up a new Reconnaissance satellite.
  • "cheat instantwin" Wins the game. Allows you to continue playing if you wish.
  • "cheat allunit" Allows you to build all units whether you have researched them or not. Allows the AI's of the other regions to do this too.
  • "cheat onedaybuild" Causes all units that you order to be fabricated after this cheat is initiated, to be built the next day. Unfortunately the AI can and will do this too, which can slow the game a lot. This does not speed up the construction of bases or fabs. SR2010 only: Your AI can not use this cheat if it's "Auto-build" setting for that unit class is turned off. You can press the Ctrl-H key combination to switch region control and turn that regions's auto-build off, once cheats have been enabled.
  • "cheat finalexam" Causes your Tech level to increase by one.

New Cheats in SR2020[]

  • "cheat e=mc2" Causes all of your Research to complete in one day and your spy espionage success rate to increase. You are immediately charged for the cost of the instant research.

New Cheats in current SR2020 Update 5 and Global Crisis:[]

  • "cheat saddam" Causes a random region's AI to declare war on another random region.
  • "cheat saddamme" Causes a random region's AI to declare war on the player.
  • "cheat eventnow" Certain random events will occur more frequently (primarly in the Global Crisis expansion version).
  • "cheat breakground" Causes facilities to be completed in one day. You only pay for one day's construction and supply the industrial goods. If you are short on IG or cash, completion is delayed until you have enough. Does not work for roads.

New Cheats SR2020 Update 6 and Gold Edition:[]

  • "cheat moreoffers" Causes you to receive frequent product and unit trade offers from other regions and from Nigerian spammers.

New Cheats in SR Cold War[]

  • "cheat nomove" Causes units to not receive orders or move.

New Cheats in SR 1936[]

  • "cheat blueskies" Resets weather patterns and ground conditions
  • "cheat georgeww" Adds $100 billion to your treasury. (because sometimes $10B is just not enough)

New Cheats in SR Ultimate (Version 9.1 or higher) and SR Great War[]

  • "cheat trumpme" Adds or Subtracts $1 Trillion to your treasury. For when $100 billion isn't enough, and you want to roll the dice in a Trump Casino.
  • "cheat worldwar" Every region declares war on every region
  • "cheat peace" Every region declares peace on every region

New Cheats in Galactic Ruler[]

  • "cheat voyager" Make all races status 'discovered'
  • "cheat enterprise" Make all races status 'known'
  • "cheat q" Mark all systems and planets as 'explored'
  • "cheat adama" Remove FTL range limit and cooldown timer
  • "cheat warp9" All unit move speeds x3
  • "cheat branson" Gives player 100000 of all active products into stock
  • "cheat bezos" Gives player 1000000 of all active products into stock
  • "cheat gates" Gives all players 100000 of all active products into stock
  • "cheat stranded" Selected units will be given full ammo and supplies if empty, if not empty all ammo and supplies will be removed
  • "cheat shielded" Selected units will have shields toggled on/off
  • "cheat airequest" AI will send an alert each time it makes an internal AI Request (must set alert importance level to low to see)
  • "cheat planetcloud" Turns off cloud layer of planets at system level, changes lighting to all ambient and removes directional light
  • "cheat devcheat" Combination of multiple cheats
    • "cheat allowcheats"
    • "cheat q"
    • "cheat onedaybuild"
    • "cheat allunit"
    • "cheat breakground"
    • "cheat warp9"
    • "cheat enterprise"