Supreme Ruler Wiki
Description Hotkey
Short Desc Disp Key
Cycle Map Hotspots <TAB>
Pause Game <PAUSE>
Cancel Current Action / Open Game Menu <ESC>
Show Last Map Event <SPACE>
Increase Game Speed <PAGE UP>
Decrease Game Speed <PAGE DOWN>
Increase Map Zoom <END>
Decrease Map Zoom <HOME>
Select Group # <#>
Create Group # <Ctrl> + <#>
Add Group # to selection <Shift> + <#>
Add to Group # <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <#>
Atlas / Scorecard <A>
Open Build Controls <B>
Centre Map on Selected Hex <C>
Centre Map on Capital <Ctrl> + <C>
Alternate HUD Display <Shift> + <D>
Show Garrisons Overlay <G>
Show Map Grid <Ctrl> + <G>
Show High Ground Overlay <H>
Toggle Unit Sizes <Shift> + <J>
Toggle Unit Zoom option <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <J>
Toggle Fog of War/Line of Sight <L>
Toggle Loyalty Overlay <Ctrl> + <L>
Load Player Settings <Shift> + <L>
Mute Sound <Ctrl> + <M>
Silo Control <O>
Pause Game <P> or PAUSE
Toggle Unit Path Lines <Shift> + <P>
Toggle Terrain Production Overlay <Q>
Quit Game <Ctrl> + <Q>
Open Research Spending <R>
Toggle 3D Perspective <Ctrl> + <R>
Toggle 3D Perspective <Shift> + <R>
Supply Model Map Overlay <S>
Save Player Settings <Shift> +
Game Settings <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <S>
Ground Defense Overlay <T>
Show Terrain Layer <Ctrl> + <T>
Low Visibility/Close Combat Overlay <V>
Water Overlay <W>
Max Zoom Out <Ctrl> + <X>
Open Satellite Control <Y>
Normal Zoom Level <Z>
Max Zoom In <Ctrl> + <Z>
Increase Map Zoom <+> (Keypad)
Decrease Map Zoom <-> (Keypad)
Open Sub-Department #1 <Shift> + <F#>
Department - Land <F2>
Open Sub-Department #2 <Shift> + <F2>
Department - Production <F3>
Open Sub-Department #3 <Shift> + <F3>
Department - Research <F4>
Open Sub-Department #4 <Shift> + <F4>
Department - Finance <F5>
Open Sub-Department #5 <Shift> + <F5>
Department - State <F6>
Open Sub-Department #6 <Shift> + <F6>
Department - Ops <F7>
Open Sub-Department #7 <Shift> + <F7>
Department - Defense <F8>
Open Sub-Department #8 <Shift> + <F8>
Department - Unit Command <F9>
Open Sub-Department #9 <Shift> + <F9>
Annual/Daily Toggle </>
Go to Next Complex <]>
Go to Previous Complex <[>
Go to Next Facility <Shift> + <]>
Go to Previous Facility <Shift> + <[>