Supreme Ruler Wiki

Map Overrides[]

Along with the .Scenario file to indicate the data used for a map, it is possible to include a .CSV file that contains overrides to things such as region relations and existing treaties. To use such a file the .Scenario must specify it in the section #endifset

The line should look lie this;

#include "filename.csv"

This file is also used to create random events in scenarios.

Override Data[]

The file itself contains multiple data sections;


This section is a table of data containing the following information;

Region ID In Scen Time Vic Loss End CommandV No Cap Land Not Playable
ID from .CVP file Playable if "limited" set in .Scenario Victory to this region when time expires Loss of this region ends game Spawn Command Vehicle Cannot Capture Land Not a Playable region


This section is a table of data containing the following information;

Region ID Treaty # Civ Adjust Dip Adjust Belli Adjust
ID from .CVP file from /INI/rtreaties.csv modifier to Civilion Opinion (range +1 to -1?) modifier to Diplomatic Rating(range +1 to -1?) modifier to Causus Belli (range +1 to -1?)

(The list of Region ID #'s compared to Region Names cand be found here)

Treaty # Treaty Name
1 Formal Alliance
2 Non Aggression Pact
3 Ceasefire
4 Peace
10 Mutual Defense
12 Full Transit Treaty
13 Land Transit & Supply
14 Air Transit
15 Sea Transit & Supply
30 Line of Sight Treaty
50 Troop Withdrawal Treaty
78 Combat Supplies Treaty
79 Military Unit Supply Treaty
81 Free Flow of Labor Force
84 Free Trade
87 Favored Trading Partner
88 Favored Research Partner
90 Embassy
91 Criminal Extradition
100 Missile Defense
113 UN Vote Proxy
120 Declare War against ...
121 End Alliance with ...
122 Economic Boycott of ...
123 Technological Boycott of ...


See Custom Events.


A "Group" of regions consists of multiple Regions grouped together to form one political super-Region with one single government. The Region name and capital city of the first Region in the group will become the name and capital city of the new super-region.

For instance, to add "Ukraine" to the Russian Region do the following:

  1. Open the Maps folder.
  2. Make backup copies of the World2020.CVP and the World2020.REGIONINCL files.
  3. Open the World2020.CVP file using Notepad.
  4. Search for the Region name "Ukraine".
  5. On the "&&CVP" line above this Region name is Ukraine's Region ID number - "1102".
  6. Now search for the Region name "Russia".
  7. Scroll down to Russia's "&&GROUPING" section add a new line with Ukraine's Region number of "1102".
  8. Save your work and close the file.
  9. Open the World2020.REGIONINCL file and search for Region ID "1102".
  10. Comment out this line by adding "//" to the beginning of the line so that it reads "//1102"
  11. Save your work and close the file.
  12. Re-build the World2000 cache file.