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\Graphics\Meshes contains the 3D Meshes (models) used by the game to represent on map elements. Each one has a 3 digit number that corresponds to an assigned picture number in the DEFAULT.PICNUMS file. In the DEFAULT.PICNUMS file, each pic number used by units in DEFAULT.UNIT is defined for the mesh ID number it uses and what each element within the mesh is used for. Some element types are not currently supported. Unit scale for individual meshes is also set in the DEFAULT.PICNUMS file.

See details in DEFAULT.PICNUMS

Example: Unit 4602 in the equipment file uses picnum #31. In DEFAULT.PICNUM Picnum #31 is defined as using mesh #31 with two elements.

This folder also contains Texture files for the meshes which are 512x512 in size and the .dds file format.

3D meshes need to be in the .x format and should be no greater than 900 polys. Most models used in game are between 300-700 polys. The mesh may not have more than 4 elements. Turrets are usually modelled as separate elements from hulls. Ships should have the area below the keel line cut as a separate element. Meshes should be created using meter scale. Meshes for the game have been created in 3DSMax then exported to Cinema4D Go for conversion to .X format and finally optimized using Mesh View. When creating the model the texture should be done in .PNG format and exported to .DDS. The game engine overrides the the file type listed in the .x file.

For every model used in the game a 2D render of the object must be placed on the UGBITSX.PNG graphic sheet where X = the page containing the frame corresponding to the unit ID. Each UGBITS page holds 256 images starting at count of zero. The count is done from left to right then top to bottom. As an example the last unit on the second row would be unit #031 (Currently the scud launcher).

If you have a model you would like to offer for use in the game, please send it to The model must be less than 900 polys, be in .MAX or .3DS format with a .PNG texture file of 512x512. We will do the final conversions and optimization.

Terrain 3D Meshes[ | ]

As of Supreme Ruler Cold War, most terrain types have 3D meshes assigned.

The tree 3D models are the following file names;

TER031.x TER048.x TER050.x TER052.x TER054.x TER056.x TER058.x TER100.x TER102.x TER104.x TER106.x TER108.x TER110.x