Supreme Ruler Wiki

Supreme Ruler 1936 and later (1936, Ultimate, and Great War) offer a great deal of moddability. As information is made available attempts will be made to catalogue it here.

SR1936, Ultimate and Great War are built on the same engine structure making data files compatible with each, however the file structure is slightly different:

  • /Custom Folder for Supreme Ruler 1936 is in the root directory
  • /Custom Folder for Supreme Ruler Ultimate is in /Scenario
  • Scenarios in Supreme Ruler Ultimate are separated in to subfolders within /Scenario
  • Some Modding tools (Map Editor, Scenario Creator & Asset Manager) are specifically designed for Supreme Ruler Ultimate.
What Mods Exist?[]

Mods are listed on

Where Can I Download Existing Mods?[]

Traditionally Mods have been distributed directly by the modders, most doing so through the Modding section on .

Starting with Supreme Ruler Ultimate version 9.1.286+ (March 2020 Update), Mods can also be distributed through Steam Workshop.

Where Can I Get the Tools?[]

If you own Supreme Ruler Ultimate you can get the tools directly from the tools section of your Steam library.

If you do not own Supreme Ruler Ultimate, but still would like to mod the SR game you own, you can download the tools here: (Keep in mind this won't be updated as often as the Steam version. So to get the most up to date tools, download them from Steam)

What Can I Do?[]

With the release of Supreme Ruler Ultimate Update 9.1.76, new modding tools - the Map Editor, Scenario Creator & Asset Manager - have been released, making it easier to modify and create the data files used by the game engine. Additionally, most data files can be edited in plain text.

Take a look at a walkthrough for the new Scenario Creator/Map Editor:

Here are some of the areas players can modify:

Data files:

Equipment Data (Units and Facilities)

Other Information:

New Mod features introduced in March 2020 Update[]

With the introduction of Steam Workshop, the SRU engine has had additional Mod Support added, including:

  • All Scenarios/Campaigns/Scenarios can now include overrides of core game elements (graphics, meshes, etc)
    • A game called SAMPLE.Scenario will now first try to load game elements from subfolder SAMPLE\xxx, ie SAMPLE\Graphics, SAMPLE\Sounds, etc
    • There is a priority sequence of loading content - check out Steam Workshop page for more details on content load priorities
  • More engine elements can now be modded - see WMData section for details.