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SR2020 Mouse Clicking[ | ]

Submitted by Balthagor on Sun, 01/13/2013 - 20:50

Mouse Functions[ | ]

Overview[ | ]

Click Shift-Click Ctrl-Click Drag/RBand DoubleClick
Left Click on Player Units
Popup Unit Selection List Select Stack; No Popup List; Units With Orders/Landed Excluded (Additive Selection) Start Rubber Band Selection  
Left Click / No Player Units
      Start Rubber Band Selection  
Right Click
Show RightClick Context-Sensitive Menu (same) Show Land Dept / Mil or Complex Tabs Map Drag; GUI unchanged; Don't show menu  

Note: Ctrl+Shift+Select will "additive, not ordered" select.

Right Click[ | ]

  • keep bottom panel as is... and show R.C. menu. Contents of menu are context sensitive own/other region.
  • right click map drag. keeps lower GUI the same. no menu.
  • Set region owning hex selected as picked region in State dept.

CTRL + Right Click (or back button on some mice)[ | ]

  • different by hex contents, priority for following order;
    • Units - --> LAN - military presence
    • Facilities - --> LAN - Complex Details
    • Terrain- --> LAN - now military presence for loyalty & supply

Left Click - Player Units[ | ]

  • make target hex the selected hex
  • Contest Sensitive Menu

Left Click - Other cases[ | ]

  • show Complex Details subdepartment and make hex selected

Shift + Left Click or Shift + Rubber Band[ | ]

  • Select your unit/Stack.
  • no pop-out menu
  • Units with player orders other than "move" are not active highlighted.
  • Aircraft landed on carriers are not active highlighted

Rubber Band using Left Click[ | ]

  • Make all units selected and active highlighted
  • Same as Left Click

Using Ctrl + Left Click[ | ]

  • New in update 6
  • additive selection tool
  • Works with both Left-Click on Stack and Rubber-Band-Left-Click

Menu Options[ | ]

the menu option "There are some game menu options available to customize the above functions, including;

  • Controls - Show Popup When Selecting Single units
    • Show the menu list if only one unit is in the hex/list when option selected.
  • Controls - Show Popup When Selecting Unit Stacks
    • Show the menu list of units in the hex on left click when option selected.
  • Controls - Show Popup When Selecting banding units
    • Show the menu list of units in the area on elastic banding when option selected.