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Submarine[ | ]

This class includes both submersibles and true submarines. These underwater can wreak havoc on enemy naval units and merchant marine alike.

Carrier[ | ]

These ships have flight decks and can support support the launch and landing of aircraft. These types of ships are broken down into two types.

Long-deck Carrier[ | ]

These main fleet carriers and are able to support high performance jets capable of long-deck operations. They can also support short-deck capable aircraft such as helicopters and jump-jets.

Short-deck Carrier[ | ]

These are capable of supporting only aircraft with short-deck capability, such as helicopters and jump-jets.

Destroyer/Cruiser[ | ]

These gun and/or missile armed vessels include destroyers, cruisers, and battleships. Some are jack-of-all-trades vessels whilst others act in specialist roles such as anti-surface, anti-aircraft, or anti-submarine warfare.

Frigate/Corvette[ | ]

These smaller ships carry out the same roles to their larger brethren, but are primarily geared towards anti submarine and escort roles. They are cheaper to build due to their smaller size, but forgo some of their combat ability as a trade off.

Patrol/Support[ | ]

These are vessels such as missile boats and patrol boats which are ideal for small navies and deploying anti-ship missiles to sea platforms in large numbers.

Transport[ | ]

These vessels are used to not only transport troops but also to keep the fleet supplied out at sea. This class includes all kinds of supply ships and amphibious warfare vessels, except for LHA's and LHD's (which count as carriers as they can deploy aircraft).

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