Supreme Ruler Wiki

The NewsItems file (saved as DEFAULT.NEWSITEMS) contains information on in-game messages ("mail" / "email" etc) that can be sent by the UN/World Market Information system, AI Regions, or Ministers.

When writing newsitem text, use the pilcro character (Alt+0182, ¶) as a carriage return.

ntype Item Type (Bitmask - can be combined)
0 Alter/Concern Event Only
1 Email Item Type must include Email or News to show OMN icon
2 News Item Type must include Email or News to show OMN icon
3 Email + News
4 Status Show 'statustext' as a temporary floating text line
5 Status + Email
6 Status + WM News
7 All three
8 Objective
16 Tutorial
18 Tutorial/OMNews Help messages in help UI
ndept Department as 'Tab #'
0 Help (?)
1 Land
2 Resources
3 Research
4 Finance
5 State
6 Defense
7 Defense
8 Command
9 World Market
10 AI Regions
ncreated Created By
0 [Human Player] Not valid, not shown
1 News System
2 Another AI Player
3 Cabinet Minister
4 Military Leader
5 World Market
importance Any Values from 0 to 250 allowed;

suggest 1 to 50

1 Spam
10 Informational
20 Normal
30 Urgent
40 Very Urgent / Important (Very Important 50+ are not auto deleted V790+)
ncategory Category For Filtering…
0 Catchall
1 Help Category - special case, no autodelete
2 State
3 Espionage
4 Defense
5 Research
6 Economy
7 UN / World
8 Effect/Audio only - special case, not added to list
nfrequency Sending Frequency Code
0 Send on every occurrence Immediately always
1 (Not Used)
2 Send on first daily occurrence Sent Once

Then again after every nfrequencymod day if not '0'. (GR/SRNG: Never sent again if mod is 0.)

4 Frequency #2 but Status portion Sent Each Occurrence
10 Send every day (once per day)
11 Send every Odd # day
12 Send every Even # day
20 Send every week On nfrequencymod day of week (0-6, Sunday=0)
30 Send every month On nfrequencymod day of month (1-31)
31 Send every Odd # month On nfrequencymod day of month
32 Send every Even # month On nfrequencymod day of month
40 Send every Quarter On nfrequencymod day of month
50 Event Trigger, send infrequently Sent once in every nfrequencymod triggers, on average (max 255)
60 Send every time, delete all old messages with same ID
61 Send every time, delete first found message with same ID
62 Event Trigger, send infrequently

delete all old messages with same ID

Sent once in every nfrequencymod triggers, on average (max 255)
63 Event Trigger, send infrequently

delete first found message with same ID

Sent once in every nfrequencymod triggers, on average (max 255)
nfrequencymod # Data/Modifier/count Used by Frequency Code (above)
bodyfill Data item (Parameter) to insert into body %s

0 to 4 items

(value range 0 to 255)

0 Nothing
1 Region Name (int) (Center Support)
2 Product Name (int)
3 Number Quantity (int)
4 Dollar Quantity - No Decimals (float)
5 Dollar Quantity - 2 Decimals (float)
6 Unit Name (dw uniqueid) (Center Support)
7 Cabinet Minister (int cab#)
8 Cabinet Department (int cab#)
9 Socials Group (int)
10 Tech Item (int)
11 Special body fill action ???
12 Player Name (int)
13 Cabinet Priority (int priority# in this nDept)
14 Equipment Name (int unit#)
15 Regional Treaty (int)
16 WM Treaty (int)
17 WM Votes (int)
18 Diplomatic Trade Grouping (int)
19 Training Type (int)
20 Date (int)
21 WM Aid (int)
22 Status - Approved / Denied (int)
23 WM Vote Result (Passed/Defeated) (int)
24 Percentage 2.1 (One decimal point) (float)
25 Percentage 3.0 (No decimal point) (float)
26 Trend (Positive / Negative) (int)
27 Espionage Activity (int)
28 Facility Name (int unit#)
29 Defcon Word (int)
30 Product Units (int)
31 City Name or Hex Location (shows name or x/y) (chex) (Center Support)
32 Unit Class (int class#)
33 Military Medal Name (int)
34 Espionage Target (int)
35 Insurgency Funding Target (int)
36 Target Region (int) (Center Support)
37 Satellite Type (int)
38 Stance (Aggressive / Defensive / Neutral) (int)
39 Scenario Name (int)
40 Unit Grouping Type (int)
41 Unit Base Type (Branch) (int)
42 Minister Concern (int)
43 Sphere Name (int)
44 Theatre Name (int) or (chex) (Center Support)
45 BattleZone Name (Not implemented, needs a TH # too)
46 Government Type (int)
47 GR: Planet Name (Hex Name) (chex) (Center Support)
48 GR: System Name (chex) (Center Support)
49 GR/SRNG: Relationship Name (int) (local.chatrel)
50 GR: Combined Name (chex) (Center Support)
51 GR/SRNG: Hotspot request name (int) (local.hotspotreq)
52 GR/SRNG: Number Quantity Float (float) (replace #3 for product quantities etc)
53 GR: Planet Information (dw uniqueid) (Center Support)
bodyspecial Code for Special body fill actions
0 Nothing
1 Region List
20 Diplomatic Offer Details
21 Unit List
22 Loan List and the accrued Missed Payments
23 Cabinet Priorities List
24 Total Research List
25 Unification Vote Poll
26 Regional Election Poll
27 Regional Election Results
40 Startup email message
seludef uDef used for "Go to Tab info"
[0] uDef to select on panel 1, or NULL
[1] uDef to select on panel 2, or NULL
[2] uDef to select on panel 3, or NULL
[3] Reserved
responses Responses by Action # (Items with *Italics are partially or fully unimplemented)
0 No Response Button or Action
1 Agree Process CabAct if any
2 Disagree
3 Hold off
4 Contact Region
5 Goto Diplomacy panel 1 Region to load into diplomacy Must be BodyFillInteger[0]
6 Go To Cabinet Popup Cabinet Department in BodyFillInteger[1]
7 Declare War Target 36
8 Break Alliance 1st Column
9 Negotiate Target 36
10 Request WM Assistance
11 Agree Sets a Cabinet Priority in Source Dept

Priority # is in BodyFillInteger[0] value (newsitem dept + deptprior ID value into event gets exact priority)

12 Accept
13 Reject
14 Counter Offer
15 *View Land Tags
16 Ignore
17 Acknowledge (No actions taken)
18 Discretely (Agree) Process CabAct if any
19 Ground Units
20 *Air Units
21 *Naval Units
22 *Sub Units
23 *Equal Mix
24 *No Draft
25 *Abstain
26 *Follow Up
27 *Benevolent
28 *Tough
29 Yes Process CabAct if any
30 No
31 Renew
32 Default
33 Warn May Trigger Email #88
34 Forgive
35 Retaliate
36 Cancel All
37 Cancel
38 *Zoom To
39 Go To Ops
40 Go To Defense Dept
41 Go To Treasury Dept
42 Go To Commerce Dept
43 Go To Dept of Interior
44 Make Public
45 *Deny
46 *Apologize
47 Go To Source Dept (Implemented SRNG/GR)
48 *Upgrade
49 Go To Hex
50 Go to Unit
51 Negotiate with Sender of Email
52 *Negotiate with Labor
53 *Legislate
54 *Research
55 Support
56 Condemn
57 Auto Accept
58 Decline Objective
59 Accept Objective Process CabAct if any
60 Set Space Survey Hotspot Sets Hotspot at first hex location in message.
61 *Unused
62 *Unused
63 *Unused
64 *Unused
CabAct Cabinet Actions when

Agree / Accept / Yes selected

(Items in Italics are partially or fully unimplemented)
1 Send Some Idle Units into Training
2 Reinforce Border
3 Attack Region
4 Prepare for an Attack
5 Increase Funding for Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence
6 Emphasize Domestic Counter-Intelligence
7 Emphasize Foreign Intelligence Gathering
8 Attempt to Infiltrate Target Region's Government
9 Attempt to Infiltrate Target Region's Military
10 Attempt to Build Espionage Network in Target Region
11 Increase Military Readiness
12 Increase Military Initiative Setting BodyFillInt[0] for land/air/sea/space

BodyFillInt[1] for Initiative value 0-100

13 Increase Military Salaries
14 Retreat Troops (Disengage and Withdraw)
15 Build Fortifications near Front Lines
16 Build Additional Military Bases to Match Other Regions Build Capacity

(Base Type determined by Reply Button selected)

17 One Time Auto Build Units for Appropriate Available Build Slots

(Based on Message Number)

18 Move Idle Units into Reserves
19 Sell or Scrap Surplus Equipment (Oldest Types First)
20 Turn on Missile Auto Building and Engage Missile Priority
21 Build Supply Depots Close to Borders

(Priority given to location of large number of units)

22 General Actions to Improve Military Approval Rating
23 Take steps to increase Reserves based on the Response Selected
24 Turn on Priority to Solicit Equipment Offers
25 Add Units to Build Queue
26 Lower Taxes
27 Raise Taxes
28 Don't Raise Taxes but try to Increase Revenues
29 Reduce Spending
30 Issue a Bond
31 Set Policies to Fight Inflation
32 Stimulate Economy
33 Lower Low Income and Small Business Taxes --- Make it up elsewhere
34 Lower Business Taxes
35 Take Steps to Lower Unemployment
36 Reduce Deficit Spending (Increase Revenues + Lower Spending)
37 Reduce Production Costs (Lower GDP/c + Increase Efficiency)
38 Make "Stock Military Items" a Priority of the Commerce Dept
39 Make "Stock Consumer Items" a Priority of the Commerce Dept
40 Address Product Shortage (Lower Demand / Increase Supply)
41 Increase Production Capabilities on Products (Attempt to Achieve Self-Sufficiency)
42 Turn on "Maximize Profit Opportunities" Priority in Commerce
43 Sell the Stock of the Specific Commodity
44 Lower Production of Specific Commodity Lower to 100% of Demand
45 Increase Social Spending
46 Increase Law Enforcement Funding
47 Reduce Spending on Specific Social Program
48 Increase Spending on Specific Social Program
49 Adjust Research Spending Allocation more towards General Tech Level & Increase Funding
50 Adjust Research Spending Allocation more towards Projects
51 Adjust Research Spending Allocation more towards Efficiency
52 Encourage Immigration
53 Discourage Immigration
54 Prevent Emigration
55 Direct Research towards Unit Designs
56 Direct Research towards Scientific Discoveries
57 Arrest Political Opposition
58 Harass Political Opposition
59 Release Political Prisoners
60 Release Opposition Leaders
61 Upgrade existing Units
62 Increase Auto Buy Price to Maximum
63 Take Action to Solve Labor Strike
64 Change DEFCON Level
65 Lower DEFCON by one Notch
66 Arrest Spy
67 Send Warning Email to Other Region
68 Negotiate with Other Region
69 Deploy Appropriate Forces to the Location
70 Deploy Reserves from Base
71 Accept Sales Offer Design
72 Accept Sales Offer Units
73 Turn off Conscription
74 Cease Covert Operations against Specific Region
75 Vote In Favor of Proposal
76 General Actions to Improve Domestic Approval Rating
77 Attempt to Reduce Debt
78 Offer Diplomatic Support of Region
80 Unilaterally Break All Treaties
81 Send Diplomatic Offer
82 Repay Loan
83 Accept Loan Offer
84 Renew Bond
85 Lower Domestic Price on Specific Commodity
86 Boycott Region
87 Agree to Workers' Demands
88 Increase Spending Limit for Commodity
89 Increase Investment in Specific Industry
90 Decrease Investment in Specific Industry
91 Add Suggested Item to Research Queue Units
92 Clear Mines
93 Change Cabinet Minister
94 Accept World Market Offer
95 Agree to World Market Demands
96 Espionage Activity
97 Turn on Unit Autobuild
98 Add Specific Tech to Research Queue Tech
99 Accept Sales Offer Tech Research
100 Ceasefire with World Market
101 Cease WMD Production
102 Launch Satellite

Help Highlights

For each newsitem, values PanlelxUdef (x=0-3) supports a 12 digit number


A=data code of header object to highlight

B=UDef of data code C

C=data code to highlight

If the object is not in a header, A is blank

If the object referenced is UDef 0, B is blank.


- Panel0Udef = 161 would highlight the string for the value of reserved personnel

- Panel1Udef = 70680 would highlight the data 680 department button assigned to UDef 7 which is Selected/Deployed/Reserved units