Supreme Ruler Wiki

Patch was released on 2015-11-08, and made significant changes to the AI diplomacy code & economic model code, particularly for games that play from 1936 into the 1950's. Additionally, improved coding was added for games played with the 'High Volatility' world option, and for AI alliances and endless wars.

Patch Changes[]

  • In High volatility, more use of variability in AI decisions on alliances, wars
  • In increased volatility, more chance of AI attacks against protected (sphere ally) regions
  • Volatility increases movement of diplomatic relations and belli over time
  • Idle wars will improve relations and reduce belli over time
  • treatyintegrity and externalintegrity will gradually increase (dip difficulty related, civ appr too)
  • Casus Belli is gained against largest army / largest build cap (2020 style, reduced)
  • wmapproval and subsidyrate gradually rise over time, based on civ approval
  • AI consider idle war in peace offers (prevent endless wars)
  • Ruler AI - "nosphere" game option expanded to more alliances / war calculations
  • Improvements to some random factors
  • Petrol, Electricity, and Finished goods production & use multipliers will gradually increase from SR1936 to SRCW/2020 values (10x and 20x) over 10 years
  • Node production will slowly increase/decrease if less/greater than world demand (not U)
  • Fixed bug preventing regions selling colony stocks to market (ie rubber) causing hoarding
  • Increased AI frequency of trade offers for goods with incoming trade source (ie colony)
  • AI regions will offer los/transit/mutualdef first before an alliance offer
  • More possibility for AI regions with smaller armies to declare war in "gang up" situation
  • Greater emphasis to ally / war with bordering regions
  • greater use of aistance (.scenario file) and playeraistance (.cvp file) for decisions
  • Clean up AI thread random number functions to new standard
  • Casus Belli no longer has gradual decline on maps with AI stance above normal
  • If govt falls in AI region that is not part of superpower alliance, then major policy and relations shift (except if volatility is lowest)
  • Reported region-fall crash fixed, somehow. Original cause unknown.
  • AI regions-not-at-war issue with not researching units resolved
  • Minor UI fixes related to UN territory
  • Games will begin with a wider range of election dates starting 2 years out
  • US Election dates now progress when leader doesn't change
  • State Department democracy ETT now shows polls of inspected region properly
  • Considerable refactor/fixing of AI Region Enemy/Offer Peace code
  • Fixed issue where AI Regions would negotiate with colonies instead of parents

Windows XP Compatibility[]

This patch officially ended support for Windows XP after Microsoft discontinued any support and/or patches for the OS. While BattleGoat released a statement that they would investigate backwards compatibility, in the interim there is a separate WinXP-compatible update branch - more details can be found in a topic on the BattleGoat forums here.