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Patch was released concurrently with the Supreme Ruler Trump Rising DLC on 2016-07-26, and was immediately followed-up with a next-day hotfix: Patch

Patch Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Tactical nukes will now auto fire if missile & unit are set for opp fire & nuke use on
  • Cannot turn on launch authority for a Strategic Nuke (only Tactical)
  • Clear out product display data when a region dies (not in saves; visual only)
  • Supply unit over-deployment / repeat deploy attempt issue resolved
  • Supply units should attempt to refill cargo before departing on resupply mission
  • Improved some performance elements esp on single-player games
  • Exile regions with land but no urban hex will lose their land
  • Fix UI element in notifications and notification lists (flags, positioning of items, etc)
  • Fixed Fuel/Ammo "capture" when capturing water hexes
  • Adjusted Fuel/Ammo capture amounts based on total stocks
  • Content Fixes: Leaders for Modern World updated
  • GlobalCrisis.scenario now uses same CVP and RegionIncl as W2020 (unified)
  • Regional changes to Cypress, French Colonies, Falklands, Serb Republic, etc
  • ISIS and Kurdistan are now active regions
  • Map Fixes (Names, Facilities)
  • Russian North passage is now international waterway
  • Sea Transport "early unload" when passing port / land issue resolved
  • Unload command will preference pier/port and facing direction over other adjacent hexes
  • Can no longer load/unload planes onto ships if not at port
  • Fixed possible issue of colonies without parents if region file not complete
  • Units without a valid region now eliminated on load
  • Implemented AI Theatre Transfer list - better AI long distance pathing
  • Fixed/updated aistance / playeraistance use & definitions (may affect save games)
  • Aistance can now be set from Lobby Game Settings (AI defensive/aggressive etc)
  • AI election losses only cause full political shift on Volatility High or Very High
  • When not doing full polshift. AI election losses will align civ/dip rels
  • Greater use of high volatility settings
  • Exiled regions that return to life will be with same leader (no gov change or polshift)
  • AI Alliances will tend to be more spaced out
  • Minimap slides to right instead of down (more screen area)
  • New Facilities available: Trump Tower, Trump Wall
  • Equipment List adjustments and changes as suggested by Zuikaku's Mod
  • Default Volatility levels increased for some sandboxes (GC is now Very High)
  • The game includes significantly updated content in the Modern World scenarios (Global Crisis, World 2020, Shattered World), including up to date world leaders and revised map elements.

Changes with the Trump Rising DLC Installed[edit | edit source]

  • Trump Rising (2017 Inauguration Sandbox)
  • Make America Great (2020 Split US Sandbox)
  • Divided States (2020 Individual US States Sandbox)
  • Trump Rising Campaign (2020 US Campaign)

References[edit | edit source]

Patch notes in BGforums.