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Patch was released on 2016-08-01.

Balance changes

  • Create Units events now respects "nounits on startup" for day 0 / fastfwd
  • Create Units event will only create reserve units if the base ownership matches region
  • High volatility now more likely to be applied against bordering regions
  • Content fix: Remove non-nuclear Silo ICBMs from equipment list
  • Content: Trump Wall and Trump Tower now require "Trump Ideology" tech
  • Content: Small changes to Aircraft techs
  • Content: No Syrian troops in the ISIS territory at start
  • Some relationship changes
  • Will maintain Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as ISIS leader when starting as region
  • Emplacements can now be built, and can be garrisonned (modern maps); under 'transport'

08/12 Hotfix

A small hotfix was released on 2016-08-12 for Patch making no new program changes, but including the following minor content changes:

  • Techs with missing descriptions should be resolved
  • Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson has come in from the blizzard


Patch notes in Steam forums