Patch 9.1.40 is an update for Supreme Ruler Ultimate

Version 9.1.40

  • Added additional lumber mills to Russia and increased their starting supply for the 1914/1917 start
  • Italian troops are now deployed for the 1917 start
  • Relationship changes in the 1914 sandbox
  • Added additional military goods to the USSR for the 1936 start
  • Gave Tibet units and a barracks for 36 start
  • Fixed Yugoslavia world availability in the Cold War start
  • Added Uranium to Egypt in 2020/2017
  • Removed ISIS from the 2020 sandbox but kept loyalty
  • Additional leader pics for 2017 and 2020
  • Mapfixes for 2020 and 2017 sandboxes
  • Adjusted Middle Eastern relations for 2017 and 2020
  • Adjusted some DoWs on Italy for WW2 Sandboxes
  • Added hotkey for minimap
  • Added popup for alert settings
  • City name plates changed to region name at far zoom
  • Added Multiplayer names to region name plates
  • Resolved MP Sync issue with TR/MA maps (powf() value inconsistency)
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