Supreme Ruler Wiki

Regional Data is loaded from a .CVP file (Country Variables / Players) usually located in the \Maps directory. The file lists various information for all regions that have been defined for use on the map and all groups. Each region data begins with

&&CVP [regionnumber]

Each region data section also includes region-specific data with these keys:

  • &&GROUPING [regionnumber]
  • &&REGIONTECHS [regionnumber]
  • &&REGIONUNITDESIGNS [regionnumber]
  • &&REGIONSOCIALS [regionnumber]
  • &&REGIONRELIGIONS [regionnumber]

So the data for Israel starts after the line

&&CVP 501

Important: In most cases, after editing regional data a cache file must be created to see the data in game.

This data applies from Supreme Ruler 2020 to all modern games, however some data may not be supported in all older engines.

The regional data CVP file contains "Regions" and "Groups". A group entry will combine a number of individual region entries (such as individual states or provinces into a country), it gets limited data and creates values by totals/averages of its group members. Low trailing numbers (1402, 1403, 1404, 1501) are used for regions and high trailing numbers (1499, 1599, 1699) are used for groups.

&&CVP Data Elements:

Key Value Range Description
regionname Region Name (the \Localize\LOCALxx\Scenario\Localtext-Regions.csv may override existing names due to localization issues)
  • (currently no engine character limit)
blocknum (0-127) Default Block Number
altblocknum (0-127) Alternate Block Number
continentnum Continent Number
mastergroupdata FALSE If set TRUE, then merging of grouped-in region data NOT done
govtype (0-10) 0=World Market; 1=Democracy; 2=Monarchy; 3=Communism; 4=Dictatorship; 5=Theocracy; 6=Colony; 7=Exile
govtypeapprove (0.0-1.0)[6] Values for Civilian approval of each govtype
  • resvd –Democracy-Monarchy-Communism-Dictatorship-Theocracy
  • Default values assigned from lookup based on initial govtype
loyalty (0.0-1.0) Default Loyalty for Region’s territory (Default 1.0)
prodefficiency (0.0-1.0) Baseline Production Efficiency for Region (Default 0.8)
targetmileffadj (-1.0-1.0) Adjust the "Target Military Efficiency" value for region
  • New in SRU 9.1.25
targetmilmoraleadj (-1.0-1.0) Adjust the "Target Military Morale" value for region
  • New in SRU 9.1.25
playeragenda Default 'Agenda' for initial default priorities & stance
  • Default is ‘Opportunistic’ Agenda, ie No Pre-Defined Agenda
playeraistance (0-4) AI Stance
  • 0=Normal; 1=Passive; 2=Defensive; 3=Aggressive; 4=Unpredictable
  • Modified by game setup if not 'normal/default' in setup
refpopulation (in M) Reference Population
worldavail (A,B,C,…Z)


Equipment Research/Build World Region(s)
  • Default ‘@ (Worldwide)’; Fill List in Region Codes
  • Also called 'buildavail' in code references
  • worldavail and armsavail are not combined during region group; master region data is always used
  • The first character is the "primary build code", which is used for Texture Override character ('buildregion' in code references)
  • Lower case region codes supported in GR/SRNG only
armsavail (A,B,C,…Z)


Arms Sales/Grants World Region Predisposition (default none)
  • Region groups that will be more AI-inclined to trade with us
worldapproval (0.0-1.0) (former wmintegrity) World/UN overall approval (default 0.6)
treatyintegrity (0.0-1.0) Rating for integrity of treaties & participation level (default 0.85)
civapproval (0.0-1.0) Approval Rating from domestic general population (default 0.4)
milapproval (0.0-1.0) Approval Rating of military leaders for gov't (default 0.5)
envrating (0.0-1.0) Environmental rating (default 0.4)
milsubsidyrating (0.0-1.0) World/UN Military Subsidy Rating
domsubsidyrating (0.0-1.0) World/UN Economic/Domestic Subsidy Rating
creditrating (0.0-1.0) Overall Credit rating, 0.5 is Normal/Default
tourismrating (0.0-1.0) Quality/approval for tourists (%age) (default 0.1)
literacy (0.0-1.0) Literacy level Percentage
lifeexp Life expectancy in years (actual value)
ageunder18 // No Longer Used
ageover65 // No Longer Used
avgchildren // No Longer Used
crimerate # of crimes per 1000 people (Default s/b world default?)
birthratebase (0.0 - ??) GR/SRNG Only - base rate multiplier for Births. SRU Equivalent value is 1.0. Value of 0 = no births.
deathratebase (0.0 - ??) GR/SRNG Only - base rate multiplier for Deaths. SRU Equivalent value is 1.0. Value of 0 = no deaths
poptotalarmy (#) Total Army Soldiers (Active & Reserve)
  • Number of Reserves reduced as Active/Placed on Map increases;
  • If more than this placed on map, then this # is increased automatically
popminreserve (#) Minimum Reserve Soldiers  (default 10,000)
  • Increase ‘poptotalarmy’ to provide at least this many Reserve Soldiers
unemployment (%) Unemployed but Looking for Work Percentage (workforce%?)
poppow LATER (forum?) // Prisoners of war (needs to be per region?)
treasury ($ M) Starting Treasury – usually Budget Revenue/12 or GDP/50
  • Default of GDP/50 (Generally capped at $10 Billion) PLUS
  • Amount in CVP DB data (-ve values are subtracted)
nationaldebtgdp (%) Base Starting National Debt – %age of total Public GDP
gdpc ($) GDP per capita
gdptourism (0.0-1.0) Percentage of Region’s GDP Based on Tourism
inflation (-0.2-0.3) Inflation rate (%age).  Default 0.0%
buyingpower (1.0) Set to 1 at start; current $1 value in buying power
techlevel 0-120 Regional Tech level (100 = Year 2000 approximate)
starttechlvl (-1 to 255)[3] GR/SRNG : Starting default technologies included at startup based on lobby Start Tech selection (none/normal/advanced); all techs <= selected value, -1=none
alertlevel (0.0-1.0) Alert Level of Region & Military; 0.0=Peacetime Standard
fanaticism (0.0-1.0) Level of Religious Fanaticism in Civilian Population
religionpop (0.0-1.0)[12] Population percentages adhering to each Religion
  • No Religion, Roman Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Protestant, Sunni Muslim, Shia Muslim, Other Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Indigenous, Other
  • Implementation Note: On Import, any percentage unaccounted for is added to “No Religion”
socialrating (0.0-1.0)[8] Starting / Baseline Social Ratings for each Social Category
  • Health Care, Education, Infrastructure, Environment, Family Support, Law Enforcement, Culture, Social Services (UI/Welfare/Pension)
  • Default is 0.35 for each category
efficiency (0.1-1.2)[12] Starting Industry Efficiencies (Default 0.8)
stockdays (Days)[12] Starting Resource stockpiles in “Days of Demand”
  • Default 4 for Finished Goods, 10 for Raw Goods
stockadd (#)[12] Starting Resource stockpile additions in Units (Default 0)
  • Agriculture, Metal, Oil, Coal, Uranium, Timber,Water/Rubber, Electric Power, Consumer Finished Goods, Industrial Goods, Military Goods, Reserved
flagnum ID # of flag (0 to 255) for player (more?)

{flag number from \Graphics\FLAGBITSn.PNG}

politic (-1.0-1.0) Leader's politic, Socialist to Ultra-Conservative
  • Default is to Randomize between -0.5 and 0.5
partychoice 0-2 Party # being led, liberal/center/conservative 0-2
  • Automatically set by the politic; <-0.25 is Liberal, >0.25 is Conservativ
leaderpic LeaderPic ID from pplx file, or 0 to use Custom Pic (or n/a)
musictrack Music Track #, 0 for none
bwmmember (Y/N) WM Member
forcesplan {unused at this time}
RacePrimary See People Data File
capitalx {Map X coordinate of hex for capital}
capitaly {Map Y coordinate of hex for capital}
masterdata {makes this "group" override regional data for all regions grouped in}
influence  (0-53)[4] Uses the influences found here

In Galactic Ruler there are only 4 influences

influenceval  (-1.00 to 1.00)[4] as a percentage participation for each influence

In Galactic Ruler these values are -1, 0, or 1 not percentages

merchantmarine SR5ID to use as merchant marine [non-amphibous/amphibious]
urbanfacils Starting Equipment ID number for city urban facilities set; used if not defined for Theatre. (GR/SRNG)
ftlrangeadj Adjustment %age for FTL Range

&&GROUPING [regionnumber] {Region Numbers for regions in this group}

  • [a] {a= region ID number for region to be included in group}
  • There is a limit of 32 items in this list.
    • Items can be regions or groups. Pregroup IDs to put more than 32 "regions" into a group.

&&REGIONTECHS [regionnumber] {Tech ID Numbers for initially known technologies}

  • [a] {a= tech ID]
    • If a technology is added to this list, all prerequisite technologies will automatically be known as well.

&&REGIONUNITDESIGNS [regionnumber] {Unit ID Numbers for initially known designs}

  • [a] {a= Unit ID}
    • In Galactic Ruler, adding a unit design is only necessary if the unit is flagged for "no research". The tech requirements for such units need to be added as known techs in &&REGIONTECHS. Example: Pirate Scout Ship.


&&REGIONSOCIALS [regionnumber] {Initial Social Values}

  • [a,b] {a=social service from 0-7, b=value from 0.0 to 1.0}

&&REGIONRELIGIONS [regionnumber]

  • [a,b]