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SR2020 Warfare Guide - Reserves[edit | edit source]

Submitted by Balthagor on Mon, 01/14/2013 - 09:11 SR2020 "reserves" include your Defense Department personnel that have been recruited into you Region's armed forces, as well as all of the military hardware Units that you own, but have not deployed onto the game Map.

The relationship of Reserve Units and Reserve personnel is an important SR2020 concept. Reserved units are hardware - the vehicles, aircraft, ships, weapons, armor and other equipment that are used to equip a deployed military Unit.

Military facilities are buildings, factories and fortifications that house the specialized equipment and weapons that constitute your over-all military/industrial complex.

Reserve personnel ("reserves") are the recruited soldiers, sailors, airmen and technicians that, when deployed, staff your military's deployed units and active facilities.

Reserve Personnel[edit | edit source]

The number of Reserve and Deployed personnel in your armed forces is displayed on the Defense Spending Panel. Your ability to deploy your military Units from fabrication and Unit Reserve depends upon the availability of this reservoir of military personnel. You will also be unable to activate new military facilities such as sea-piers, land fabrication units and supply depots unless your Reserve pool contains sufficient reserve personnel to staff them.

Your Region's citizens are attracted into enlisting in your military's reserve pool by your Military Salary setting. In order to build your reserve pool you should increase you "Military Salaries" setting or issue a Cabinet Priority to your DM to "Increase Reserve Personnel".

Another way to replenish your reserve pool is to deactivate unused military fabs and bases. This will free up the personnel that staff these facilities and return them to their reserve pool where they can be used to man newly deployed Units.

Reserve Units[edit | edit source]

The purpose of placing your Units into reserve is two-fold - it saves you the fuel and maintenance costs associated with their deployment and at the same time shields them from detection by other Regions.

By default newly fabricated Units are placed into reserve at a base located on the same hex where they were constructed. Alternatively you can specify "rally-points" where these new Units will automatically move to after they exit their fab.

All of your Reserve Units are listed on the Unit Command Panel.

The reserved Units located at any of your individual military bases can be viewed on your Defense Reserves/Deployed Panel.

Any units that you intend to give to other Regions must first be placed into reserve.

You should think twice about attacking a seemingly "undefended" Region such as Cuba or the U.K. that are currently at peace. They may very well turn out to have a very large armed force hidden from you in reserve.

Bases such as barracks, air-fields and sea-piers house and protect reserve units. Any damage sustained by these bases also damages the units inside. Deactivation of bases that contain reserve units may destroy some of those units. Aircraft fare the best since all reserved aircraft seem to be able to fly away from deactivated bases unharmed. Other types of units cannot clear a deactivated base as quickly and immediately fill up their hex to its maximum of 7-10 units. This blocks the deployment of the remaining units still in reserve which are destroyed.

The same losses occur when you capture a region - you do not win the defeated region's reserve units because they are destroyed during the captured bases' transition to their new owner.