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SR2020 Warfare Guide - Chapter 20 - Satellites[edit | edit source]

Submitted by Balthagor on Fri, 01/04/2013 - 20:27 Satellites in SR2020 are pseudo-units manufactured and launched from the Operations Department Satellite Coverage Sub-Panel. The construction and deployment of satellites requires a ground-built aero-space infrastructure that consists of an Aerospace fab, a Mission Control unit and an Orbital Launch unit.

Satellites are purely administrative "units" that are not visible or controllable. Satellites can be build (ordered) and launched. There are three types: Communications, Reconnaissance and Missile Defense (MDI). Communications satellites improve your military efficiency. Recon satellites help you see through the FoW. MDI satellites automatically attack enemy ICBMs.

Full-coverage requires you to launch 20 satellites of each type. This is equivalent to turning off the Fog-of-War - for your region only. Full recon coverage will reveal 95% of the units on the map. Stealth units such as Spys and stealth aircraft will not automatically be spotted, especially if they remain stationary.

AI regions such as the U.S. France and Russia may start out with Space facilities but AI Regions never construct or launch satellites.