Update 8.28 is one of the Updates in the game Supreme Ruler Ultimate.

List of changes

  • Campaign - Cold War US and Cold War USSR
  • Scenarios added - Kashmir (2020), Battle of Spain (Custom), Hanoi Hilton (CW)
  • Sandbox - World 2020 added
  • GUI fixes, skins for CW and 2020 completed.
  • GUI skin is remembered for save games, this time maybe for real
  • Tourism and Business Centers are no longer replaced by cities
  • Map fixes (flags, known designs, population, etc.)
  • Suez/Panama Canal and Turkish Straits added to modern maps
  • Region fixes
  • Tech Tree fixes
  • Electricity trading defaults off for '36
  • Missiles Crash caused by Microsoft Compiler fixed
  • Merchant Marine fixes
  • Mute Battle Sounds option fixed
  • Scraping Facilities after rally points fixed
  • Allies/MutualDef assistance in non-war returned, based on TH/BZ priority of MAX
  • Fixed relationship change issues when annexing a colony
  • Disappearing mouse (Conquer menu, ESC menu) fixed
  • Parent Region prefix names default to region name if no prefix specified
  • Resolved issue of amphibious merchant marine in older save games
  • More cleanup of save-games with bad unit entries
  • Unit Turret Rotations added, Some turret mesh issues identified
  • Steam API / Achievement / Stats integration added
  • Steam Cloud Save support added to engine

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