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Update 9.012 is one of the Updates in the game Supreme Ruler Ultimate.

List of changes[]

  • Resolved memory issue with excessive diplomatic offers
  • AI regions will no longer make diplo offers to dead regions
  • Improved internal handling of dead region AI
  • New Mac Installs default to 16-bit Resolution to improve performance
  • Diplomatic trade of missiles now also allows reserve show for ally/mutdef/nonaggr
  • Graphic options level setting sets all levels high/low, not just satellite imagery
  • Further improvement to AI trading resource code (prevent over-trading)
  • Resolve Newsitems / Don't show AI list memory leak
  • Known Designs updated for Russia
  • Equipment file minor fixes
  • Fixed region data for France in 2020 era maps
  • Order of Battle fixes
  • Loyalty Penalties Game Option added to Scenario Settings

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