Update 9.014

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Update 9.014 is one of the Updates in the game Supreme Ruler Ultimate.

List of changes[edit | edit source]

  • Leaders added to some key regions in World 2020 and Global Crisis 2020
  • Starting region debt should now properly create debt bonds on new games with national debt
  • 1940 Sandbox/Campaign fixes to represent final days of Operation Weserübung (Norway)
  • New Tutorial added – work in progress. Tutorial content works but more content will be added to this tutorial in future revisions
  • Events fixes in the ’36 and ’40 maps
  • Strategic Targeting controls for Allies of Enemy and All Enemies fixed
  • Map balance improved for modern maps
  • Regional data fixes for modern maps
  • New Unit Equipment Meshs (provided by forum member hoddized)
  • Various map fixes
  • Minor Tech Tree changes
  • Minor GUI fixes
  • Updates to Manual

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