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Update 9.019 is one of the Updates in the game Supreme Ruler Ultimate.

List of changes[]

  • No Sphere" lobby option added to Scenario / Engine support
  • Resolved compiler optimization issues: Air Transport bug & Merge Crash
  • More leaders for modern maps
  • User Interface fixes
  • Cold War events expanded
  • Other events added/fixed
  • 3 new tank equipment meshes
  • Conditional Event changes and additions
  • Global Crisis Sandbox events added
  • Tech Tree additions - buildings now change through 3 eras, not just 2.
  • Minor optimization improvements
  • Resolved rare crash when zoomed in to top of map north/west of Alaska
  • Map fixes
  • Order of Battle / Equipment Fixes
  • Strategic Targeting fixes for minor regions
  • Corrected Victory Condition filtering/functions to match maps

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