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Update 9.026 is one of the Updates in the game Supreme Ruler Ultimate.

List of changes[edit | edit source]

  • Slight fix to firing missiles from air proxy (inherit proxy from plane)
  • Support Govt / Support Opposition now also influences belli values (both ways)
  • -- (Effect is stronger if acting region has good treaty & WM approvals)
  • Adjustments to AI Ruler consideration of hostile action in high volatility
  • Resolved rare crash when zoomed in to top of map north/west of Alaska
  • Resolved Air Transport compiler bug, again (hopefully for good)
  • 1941 starting known designs updated
  • Support for multiple AIParams files
  • Alert message list now has game option to sort ascending (My Options - General)
  • Fixed support for alterante region names
  • Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and French Guiana now colonies in modern maps
  • Map fixes Bulgaria/Romania for '36 through '41 maps
  • Map fixes to modern maps
  • Cold War map starting designs/techs improved, ticket remains open
  • Cuban Cigars scenario fixed
  • Hanoi Hilton scenario fixed
  • Burma Flag fixed, Mod flag for Facist France added
  • GUI fix, expense report tooltip, overdraft interest charge reported
  • Research Expense report fixed
  • Adjusted naval strategic deploy locations
  • Leader fixes in modern maps
  • Events improved for '40 and 41 start Sandboxes including Bessarabia, Second Vienna and Treaty of Croiva
  • Tech Tree minor update, some dead end techs removed/remapped
  • Equipment file, tech prereq fixes, Obsolete date adjustments
  • Equipment file, Enterprise style nuclear supercarriers for other nations
  • Equipment file, Italian Carrier-based aircraft for 1942 and 1945
  • Equipment file, minor fixes to unit stats
  • Removed IDLE from Espionage choices
  • Starting Domestic Approval fixed for 1940, 1941 Maps (esp Germany/Italy)
  • Social Services (safety net) spending no longer increases GDP
  • Birth Rate and Immigration fixed for high GDP regions
  • Petrol is now consider a consumer good as well as a military good for Minister Priorities
  • Individual Bond controls added to Treasury Minister panel
  • America Votes scenario region selection fixed, No-Allies version added

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