Supreme Ruler Wiki

Cities / Towns / Villages are represented through "Urban" upgrades (facilities) that are placed on the map. By default in SR these cannot be built during a game (although that can be changed by modding, by changing the "NoBuild" flag).

The Urban upgrades are represented by entries in the Equipment list, just as all other facilities are. These upgrades also have some special features that are unique to Urban upgrades.

Urban Upgrade "Set" (Population / Capital)[]

The game engine will automatically adjust the exact Equipment list entry being used based on two factors:

  • Population
  • If location is the regional Capital

A Set of Equipment list entries consists of 10 entries total for each set. These entries must be in numeric SR5ID number sequence in the equipment list, and will generally follow the following pattern (with SRU Population ranges):

  • Abandoned Town ( to 500)
  • Small Village (500 to 50,000)
  • Village (50K to 150K)
  • Small Town (150K to 250K)
  • Town (250K to 500K)
  • City (500K to 1M)
  • Large City (1M to 2M)
  • Metropolis (2M to 5M)
  • Mega City (over 5M)
  • Capital City (Any population)

The Population range values are set in the Equipment List entry for each upgrade in the "NuclearYield" field (value in thousands).

Regional and Era-Specific Urban Upgrades[]

The starting entry of each set can be different for various regions, it is defined in the .CVP file in the &&THEATRES section. The entry used is based on the Theater of the hex where the upgrade is located. The starting entry must point to the Abandoned Town entry.

By default, the following set are included in the SR Equipment list:

  • 21500 : Era 1 Europe / North America
  • 21510 : Era 2 Europe / North America
  • 21520 : Era 3 Europe / North America
  • 21530 : Era 1 Middle East
  • 21540 : Era 2 Middle East
  • 21550 : Era 3 Middle East
  • 21560 : Era 1 Africa
  • 21570 : Era 2 Africa
  • 21580 : Era 3 Africa
  • 21590 : Era 1 Asia
  • 21600 : Era 2 Asia
  • 21610 : Era 3 Asia
  • 21701 : Era 4 All

Movement to the next "Era" is based on the region knowing specific tech pre-reqs as defined in the TechReq1 and TechReq2 fields of the Urban Upgrade Equipment list entry. In SRU these are generally based on the following Era Techs:

  • Era 1 to Era 2 - Tech 1012
  • Era 2 to Era 3 - Tech 39
  • Era 3 to Era 4 - Tech 1034

SRU 9.1.87 / SRGW 10.1.87 version and later: If there is no starting Equipment List set defined for a specific Theatre, then 21500 is used by default.