Supreme Ruler Wiki

Victory Conditions[]

There are multiple victory conditions available in game. The Campaign Sandbox mode encourages players to set their own victory conditions including game length and other game modifiers. In Scenarios, the Victory Conditions and Game Length have been set to support the storyline.

  • COMPLETE - This type of victory will require you to capture all land from all opponents within a given timeframe. When you have captured all of a region's cities, the rest of their land will change ownership at the end of day (divided amongst its neighbors). Any region that formally surrenders will have the ownership of their land change immediately.
  • CAPITAL - Instead of having to capture every city from another region in order to get that region to fall, you only have to capture its Capital City.
  • CAPTURE - If this is the Victory Condition, each region is assigned a Command Unit that is located in their capital city at the beginning of the game. To get a region to fall, it is necessary to destroy their Command Unit. (Command Units are designated by a red star on their roofs.) Command Units are somewhat stealthy, so finding another region's can sometimes be difficult. It is also tougher than a battleship. In general it will stay at the Capital until it comes under attack.
  • UNIFICATION - This requires that the player win a vote to unify the involved regions. In sandbox mode, this will generally involve all regions of the world having one giant reunification vote. In prepared scenarios this can be any number of regions (as in the Canada Votes, US Votes, Italy Votes, and Europe Votes scenarios provided).
  • TOTAL SCORE - As you play, you will accumulate score based on the performance of your Economy, Diplomacy, Research Department, Domestic Approval, and Military Approval. If the victory is Total Score, then it will be a combination of all of these factors that will help you win. Whichever region has the highest total score when the "Game Length" is reached, will be declared the winner.
  • DIPLO SCORE / ECON SCORE / TECH SCORE / APRV SCORE / MIL SCORE - As it would appear, these victory conditions allow the player to concentrate on just one factor in their government in order to achieve victory. Econ and Tech are very diifficult to win, due to the un-fathomable way the game generates these scores.
  • VICTORY HEX - This victory condition is limited to pre-made scenarios. It stipulates a location on the map that your Command Unit must reach (generally within a specific time limit) in order to win.
  • ALLIED - You win when you have defeated all of your non-allies or have made every remaining Region on the map your ally.